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Important information for MEMBERSHIP

  • MEMBERS, please make sure you are logged into our site with your email credentials before purchasing a course to obtain your membership discount.

  • If you are not sure about your membership status, contact us.

If you are interested in becoming a member subscriber, click here.

2021-2022 Subscription Pricing Includes:


  • Monthly online modules with facilitated discussions on themed topics

  • Printable circle activities

  • Parent/staff resources


Monthly Themes include:


Temperance, Loyalty, Wisdom, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Integrity, Love (charity), Creativity, and Compassion


Organizational subscription:

  • Schools/organizations with up to 20 Staff: $250;

  • With 20+ staff: $400


Individual subscription:

  • Individuals: $90


All members:

  • can enroll in online courses at 20% discount

  • receive discounts on Restoration Matters training events

  • have access to our monthly online support.

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