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Restoration Matters Training

Looking for training services? Our team offers dynamic and interactive sessions for a variety of needs your organization may have. Because restorative practices is the science of human dignity, we provide skill-based training in ways to strengthen connections in communities, address conflict, and strategize for a more productive and meaningful future. Let us help you build a restorative organization that meets the needs of your staff and those you serve. 

Professional Development

Training for all staff in organizations wanting to fully integrate restorative practices within the infrastructure. Restorative responses, personal reflection, restorative circles, low-mid-high incident processes and needs assessment for your school, community, or business.

 Restorative Staff Retreats

Let us help you design a staff retreat with a restorative theme. Give your staff the gift of time! Quality relationships take time, and we can facilitate activities designed to meet your goals around mission and strategic planning that result in stronger relationships.  

Restorative Discipline for Parents

Restorative discipline is a strengths-based approach to engaging with your kids and teaching accountability and responsibility. One of our highly trained speakers will come to your location to provide interactive sessions in restorative discipline.

Virtue-Based Restorative Discipline

Virtue-Based Restorative Discipline (VBRD) is strengths-based approach to discipline that incorporates teaching on the social-emotional benefits of virtue. This is our flagship training, offering options that meet the specific needs of your school community.

Conflict Restoration & Transformation

Many of us have not been taught how to handle conflict in a healthy and productive way. This training teaches skills for moving through conflict restoratively. You will learn how to gain mutual understanding of all involved parties and determine the best way forward in rebuilding relationships.

Emotional Literacy
for Students & Adults

Social-Emotional Learning is an evidence-based practice that focuses on the benefits of teaching kids and young adults skills for communicating their feelings. They are taught how their emotions are impacted by their environment and learn strategies for emotional regulation.

Facilitating Listening Circles

We will train your staff in restorative listening, compassionate witnessing, and how to build stronger interpersonal connections. Learn to lead circles that transform conflict with skill and confidence.


Assessments and training can identify and strengthen leadership skills, enabling participants to become more collaborative in decision-making. Find the strengths within your organization and discover the benefits of leading a truly restorative organization.

International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) Intro to Restorative Practice & Facilitating Circles

Learn the theories and foundation behind restorative practices and how to facilitate circles in this 2-day training. Intro to Restorative Practices provides the basics for a restorative foundation within your school, workplace, organization, or community. Contact us at  We have licensed instructors for IIRP.

International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) 
Facilitating Restorative Conferences

Facilitating Restorative Conferences is a 2-day training that builds upon the foundation learned in Intro to RP & Facilitating Circles. You will learn to address relational harm using the structure of a restorative conference with the IIRP framework. Contact us at to find out more about this training. 

Custom Training to Fit Your Needs

If you don't see something that fits what you are looking for, or are unsure what any of this means, please contact us. We are happy to get to know your needs and consult on a solution for you.

Meet the Trainers

Meet the Trainers

Lynne Headshot 2022.jpg

Founder, Executive Director & Lead Trainer

Lynne has degrees in Health Management and in Restorative Practices with more than 25 years of training experience and curriculum design. She has an ear for hearing a need, then developing and implementing creative solutions. She integrates habits for human excellence—the virtues— with restorative practices as a way to transform and empower individuals and organizations along their restorative journey.



Gary brings a love of art and art education to his restorative practices. His 30-year teaching career is the foundation for his dynamic training techniques. Gary provides practical strategies for bringing restorative practices into daily life with warmth and humor.

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