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This resource (Summer 2014 release) is a great way to provide adults – at home and at school – with a guide to the principles of Virtue-Based Restorative Discipline. A video resource offers 10 topics on VBRD, including a brief overview, guiding principles, simple tips for conflicts, application of restorative practices, giving a good apology, and dealing with tough situations. Each video clip is less than 10 minutes, and a facilitator guide provides information for viewing and reflections on each segment. Participant guides provide text from the videos and space for notes and reflections. Ideally, this would be used as an agenda item for staff meetings to familiarize everyone with the VBRD Team efforts. 


One Facilitator Guide, one DVD with 10 segments, 12 Participant Guides with each order. Teams must have attended a full VBRD training in order to take advantage of this resource. 

Interactive Training Series for Adults

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