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“Preaching Racial Justice reveals the centuries-long failure of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States to speak openly about the painful truths of racism and the steadfast faith of Black Christians, lied to and ignored for so long. Fifteen diverse preachers and catechists have written this book to make this history plain for all to see as they tell their stories and make suggestions for preaching and discussing racial justice honestly and with impact.”—Diana L. Hayes, professor emerita, Georgetown University

Preaching Racial Justice conveys the urgency of Christian antiracism preaching from ecumenical, intercultural, and intergenerational perspectives. In addition to being a handbook for preachers, Preaching Racial Justice can readily serve as a textbook for ecumenical schools of theology and ministry, as well as for discussion groups among congregations looking for insightful theological and practical ways of understanding race, racial justice, white supremacy, white privilege, white fragility, racial oppression, black suffering, #blacklivesmatter, racial and personal reconciliation and healing, or beginning the necessary process of dismantling racism within the church and society.


Preaching Racial Justice

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