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We're Coming Back for 11th Summer Institute
             Dallas, Texas                   Wichita, Kansas             June 6-7, 2023               June 26-27, 2023

Registration is Open 
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The quality of relationships in your organization is your greatest asset

Restorative practices is the science of relationships and ways to improve them in communities. We provide training so you can transform your workplace conflict, reform your  school discipline, and engage your community.



We provide training to schools, workplaces, and community organizations in restorative practices, circles, and conferencing. Learn to transform conflict, enhance productivity, and generate quality relationships at every level in your organization. Our skill-based, interactive trainings will empower and equip you with tools necessary for stability and harmony - both personally and professionally.

Library Bookshelves


Our bookstore is stocked with restorative practices resources to help you bring quality to your relationships at school, workplace, home, or community. We've spent years researching 

virtue-based restorative practices so

check out our store.


Our Method

Restorative Practices is an emerging social science that defines and identifies hallmarks of quality relationships between individuals and within communities. This work connects research and theory in fields that include psychology, criminal justice, social work, education, and public health.

Mother and Daughter Love


"Lynne Lang is an excellent presenter. Our training in restorative justice was engaging and thoughtful, and most importantly, practical.
Lynne is knowledgeable about the subject and has a gift of sharing its importance and necessity in today's school environment."

Miriam School & Academy

Mary Bless

Our Collaborators


Dr. Frida Rundell, PhD, LPC


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